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The photo shows arms of a young woman entrepreneur wearing a watch on her wrist; one hand typing on a laptop keyboard while the other writes a note on a small notepad. To the left is a fancy coffee in a white cup while pink hydrangeas sit beside her to the right. Sunglasses rest in a pink lined glasses case beside the hydrangeas. A small globe of the world is partly shown at the top left. In front of the computer sits a white iPhone.

Online Writing & Creativity Courses

Having trouble writing consistently? Feel like you've lost some of your fire and want to get it back?  Through my online courses, I help people engage with their writing and the world. My courses use somatic-based writing techniques to help you write in a way that connects to your body, senses, and to the world around you, making for more engaging and powerful writing. 


This image shows an open notebook lying on its spine. In the middle of the notebook are several coloured pencils with their tips pointing forward. One of the other pages is open slightly and there is some indistinct writing on it.

One-On-One Writing Coaching & Story Mentoring

I offer one-on-one somatic-based writing coaching and story mentoring to help people connect to their creative source, discover the stories locked inside their bodies, and develop a consistent, heart-centered writing practice. I tailor my sessions to individual needs, offering guided exercises that connect people to their bodies and to their creative selves in a holistic way.



"In a world of overstimulation, deep listening is a breath of fresh air."

—Sylvie Stevenson


Aaron Schmidt is a lawyer, writer, dad who signed up for the 21 Day Writing Meditation course on DailyOM.

"I'm a writer, so writing without editing myself - either on the page or in my mind - is so hard. But I did it. I was a little surprised where it went, which I guess is one of the points of the exercise. It was hard, but it felt good when I finished it. Like I got something off my chest - or out of my head."

Aaron Schmidt, Lawyer, Writer, Dad​



This is a photo of Nadine Prada, a Toronto based painter. She has black wavy hair to her shoulders and is smiling with her mouth closed, her head tilted slightly.  She wears a sleeveless silk shirt that is boldly coloured with light and dark purple and navy blue lines. Further down is part of what looks like an open flower or design in red, purple and blue. Her arms are at her sides and are seen from only the elbows up. In the background is an indistinct painting with some green and blue lines.

“Your course is fantastic! Everything resonates very deeply with me. It is tremendously high quality, from the captivating design to the writing, and all the exercises peppered throughout. Simply brilliant!!”

—Nadine Prada, Artist & Founder, The Prada Gallery

This photo of Sergiu Funieru, a student of Lissa M. Cowan’s, shows a man who is bald and wears a white T-Shirt. His mouth is open slightly but he isn’t smiling. He has dark eyes and stands in front of a tree.

“If you fear you're not creative, Lissa’s Writing the Body course will show you that, in fact, you are but haven't yet realized it.”

—Sergiu Funieru, Internet Marketer, Romania 

This photo is of Sara Mody, a schoolteacher who hired Lissa M. Cowan to help her with a memoir book project. Sara has brown hair with blonde highlights. She is thin, has dark eyes and stands in front of a grey brick wall. Her body is tilting slightly, one hand on the wall behind her. She wears a modern tie-dye T-shirt with short sleeves showing colours of black, white and pink. She wears dark denim jeans, a silver necklace, metal and leather bracelets and four or five silver rings.

“Lissa has an amazing eye for detail and caught many things during editing that made my story stronger. Her encouragement, ideas and humour allowed me to trust the process, making it a joy to ready my memoir for eventual publication.”

—Sara Mody, Teacher & Author


This image is of Sam Sherman who took my 21 Day Writing Meditation Course.

"I enjoyed not letting myself cross a word out or stop to think, I just kept my pen on the paper in continuous motion until I was done. It's interesting where my writing began and ended up."

Sam Sherman


This image is taken of Yuly Rodriguez, a client of Lissa M. Cowan’s who runs an independent publishing company in Berlin. She has long, wavy hair past her shoulders. Her smile shows her teeth and she has big, brown eyes. She wears a black jacket with a white blouse underneath. There is a broach on her blouse depicting a blue rose. The image looks like it’s taken in the studio as the background is a muted grey.

“It was awesome working with Lissa! She was so generous and understood my philosophy from the very beginning. Working with her remotely was great because she was flexible and reachable.”

—Yuly Rodriguez, Founder, Zebra Books

This image is of Diana Condolo, one of Lissa M. Cowan’s online students for Writing the Body. Diana has long, brown hair that is tied back from her face. She is smiling and showing her teeth. She is wearing a maroon jacket that is open to show a checkered, V-neck T-shirt underneath. She wears a necklace that looks like a silver star or sun.

“Through creating intentions and relaxing to the point of reaching a deeper discussion with my own body, Lissa’s Writing the Body course increased my understanding of what’s going on inside of me, and allowed that inner self to come out and be free. Letting the body tell its stories through feelings we may not have been fully aware of, touched me beyond the limits of writing, ultimately changing how I see.”

—Diana Condolo, Web Expert & Blogger