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Writing Woodshed

I'm holding an online Writing Woodshed** in July (SOLD OUT!) and August. This workshop involves online weekly chats and check-ins to share writing in a small group wanting positive encouragement and feedback from myself and other writers to advance your writing project.

This workshop will also help you hone your craft and develop a steady writing practice.  

This is for people who...

  • Are working on a writing project but feel stuck.
  • Feel that writing always takes last place even though it's so important to you.
  • Have ideas for what to write and have started and stopped many times over.
  • Aren't sure if you're moving in the right direction.
  • Would like to develop a regular writing practice but don't know where to begin.


Week 1

We'll work to encourage each other as we create a vision for what we want do and where we want to go in the next month, with ourselves, and with our writing.

Week 2-4

We will post our writing for others to see before our online meeting. In the weekly meeting we'll share our intentions and visions and dig into our work, taking time to help and encourage others with areas where participants may be stuck. You'll receive weekly encouragements via email and the opportunity to do a one-on-one coaching call.


My commitment

  • Whatever is shared in our sessions remains confidential.
  • I'll be encouraging, honest, will show up fully to help you with your creative visions and writing goals.
  • I'll honor your process.
  • Commit to my belief that writing is a process and the journey is more important than the destination.
  • Promise of fun, tea (virtual!), and belly laughs. 


What I'm looking for from you

  • To show up and participate even though you may be afraid or too busy.
  • To be positive with others and listen to others when they share their writing.
  • Be kind to yourself as writing isn't easy and sometimes it feels like you're heart is on the line.
  • Make an effort to do the work and trust that everything will be all right.


The total cost is $99 USD.


For more information, please send me a note HERE. Or sign up for my newsletter to receive updates.


**From 'woodshedding,' an expression that means to practice and hone one's skills. It's derived from the fact that people would go to the woodshed to practice a musical instrument (or other) without disturbing others. 

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