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Memoir: Go Deep and Write Your Story

Join me for a workshop about memoir and personal storytelling. This event focuses on accessing the stories our bodies tell us. It's for those who want to explore writing through deep listening, lived experience, to tell true stories, and share life stories. You will come away with a clear idea of what you'd like to write about, some writing from exercises you'll do, and tools for accessing your richest stories. To find out about upcoming dates for this workshop please contact me. 


The workshop with Lissa on writing memoir was electric! I especially liked the concept of 'writing around' a subject -- another version of 'show don't tell' that I'd never thought before. Totally worth my time and money! -Lori McNamara, Toronto

Memoir writing workshop opens with an exchange of sharing intentions and goals, then some deeper work to fine tune and clarify these. There were writing exercises and a discussion of each one, all shared in a spirit of generosity and fun. The delicious high tea at the quaint tea shop and reasonable workshop fee made this a very enjoyable afternoon. -Karenza Wall, Vancouver


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