The photo shows the legs of a woman who wears blue pumps. She is in a bookstore as, to the right, are shelves of books. She wears a black lace skirt which you can just see the bottom of. The floor of the bookstore is wood that looks like fir or cedar planks.

Lissa's Bests

Clean Gut

by Alexandro Junger

The Wounded Storyteller

by Arthur Frank

The FastDiet

by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer

Women, Food & Desire

by Alexandra Jamieson


by Cheryl Strayed

Healthy at 100

by John Robbins

The Writing Cure

by Stephen J. Lepore

Writing as a Way of Healing

by Louise Desalvo

H is for Hawk

by Helen Macdonald

The Faraway Nearby

by Rebecca Solnit


by Jane McGonigal

Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Sad

by Adam Gnade

Love 2.0

by Barbara L. Fredrickson