Write. Create. Meditate.

The photo represents a course for entrepreneurs called Kiss My Clarity. It shows an indistinct picture of a woman from the neck down with long blonde hair, wearing pink and holding a small white card. On the card is an impression of kissing lips in pink.

For business owners to create awesome copy (online course).

An image of a computer with an open notebook in front of it. To the right is a tea cup and tea jar. Next to that are some flowers. A window is in the background and you can see some of the light-wood desk

An online course to develop a powerful writing meditation practice.

This photo is for a writing course called Good to Great for entrepreneurs. It features a woman wearing a large tan sunhat that conceals her face. Long, red hair billows out beneath her hat like flames and is taken up by the wind. She wears a bright aqua top and clutches the rim of her hat with her left hand.

One-on-one writing & creative coaching to help you with your big idea.

This image is for a course on creativity called Routinely Creative. It shows an open notebook lying on its spine. In the middle of the notebook are several coloured pencils with their tips pointing forward. One of the other pages is open slightly and there is some indistinct writing on it.

An online course to develop a daily creative practice.

High five your milestones with a pro (one-on-one writing coaching).

This image is for a writing course called Writing the Body. The photo shows a woman from the neck down sitting on a blue cushion that is on a porch or deck made of dark wood. She wears a light-coloured short-sleeved top that is off her shoulder and floral summer pants. Her short nails are painted blue. She rests up against something and writes in a notebook. Her left leg is crossed and her right leg is open diagonally.  There is a cup of tea to her left with a flower curled around it.

Connect to your writing and yourself in a deeper way (an online course).