Write. Review. Repeat.

This course is for people who have a story idea, some notes or partial manuscript and either can't figure out what to do next or can't find the time to work on it. 

I can review your manuscript (if you have one) and give you a report that identifies where I think you're at and what steps to take to move forward. Or we can work together for a certain period of time on a specific writing project to completion.

Your friends are always telling you what a talented writer, or what a great storyteller you are. And, deep down you know it, too. Though it’s the actual doing that will bring you the happy dances and inner high fives. Yes, it’s scary, and yes there are no guarantees, yet your sweet spot is waiting for you to scratch it, massage it, love it and explore its irresistible-ness.

And if you think that you can just make a mental note of wanting to take time for finishing your writing project, well, let me ask you...how many times have you actually done something that you didn’t schedule? The fact is that people need routines and structure to make stuff happen. And yes, even imaginative endeavors like writing need a helping hand. 

Wouldn't it be amazing to complete a writing project that lights you up? 



This image shows an open book face up on a table. It looks like an older book as the pages are slightly yellow.
You’re always dreaming about how one day you’ll publish a book.
This image is taken from above and shows a group of three young people sitting on a dock or pier. It is summertime and they’ve put their sweaters or coats down to lay on them. One person is lying down, one person is half-sitting and the other is sitting off to the side a few feet away. There is a bag of chips beside the duo and a pair of blue flip-flops.
You love inspiring people and go to great lengths to help friends, family and your community.
This image is of a woman in a city square in the winter. She wears a black ski jacket, large black sunglasses and a pink-red knitted hat with a pom-pom. She smiles and looks at two pigeons that perch on her outstretched arm. One of the pigeons is crouched down eating from her hand. She has a round silver ring on her ring finger, is wearing wine-coloured nail polish and two tattoos; one of a fleur de lis on her middle finger and another tattoo on the side of her hand that read “B.K. love.”
You have so many brilliant ideas floating around in that head of yours that it’s hard to focus on one thing.
This photo shows a close up side view of an old, black typewriter with Russian keys. The machine is dusty with cobwebs between the keys and looks like it’s from the 1940s.
You’re tired of waiting for 'free time' to get started, and wish you could just overcome whatever it is that’s stopping you.
A woman holds a sparkler. The light is dim and all but her hands are indistinct. She wears a beige sweater that is long in the sleeves and ends at her knuckles. She raises the firecracker in her hands, her fingers cupped lightly over the stem. She has long hair, is smiling and wears a white T-shirt.
You want your inner critic to go away so you can just play and be in the moment.
This is a black and white photo of a young man cupping an old-style medium format camera with his hands. He looks down into the lens at his subject ahead of him. He wears a dark, cross-knit sweater and stands in a field with trees in the background. The sun peaks out over his right shoulder.
You see your creative vision up ahead, but don’t feel you’re quite there yet.

Writing isn't something that comes in waves that you ride once a month or once a year. It's a daily or weekly practice of getting out of your way and letting your imagination do its thing.


I hear the floorboards shaking. Is that you doing your happy dance? Yes, you guessed it, completing a work that you're proud of is actually possible!

I’ve shimmied, cuddled, prayed, arm-wrestled and done the chicken dance with my writing practice every day for most of my adult life and can help you develop some of your own kickass routines to finish the writing project of your dreams. You’ll learn to channel more of yourself into your writing. And, like we all must, you’ll come face to face with your own resistance, getting into the creative groove—once and for all.


What kind of book do you want to write? What unique contributions could you make to the world? I'll help you to clarify the vision you have for your work and put in place steps to write your book. I'll work with you to eliminate the aspects that aren't working in your manuscript, and to highlight the good aspects that bring out your story and vision more clearly.


Like slipping on a pair of jeans or drinking your morning coffee, you probably don’t think too much about your daily routine. It’s a simple fact that you have routines because they produce results. The same goes for writing. When you learn how to build routines around a writing project, slowly but surely you're rewarded. Being proactive, positive and optimizing the time you have will help you to reclaim your creativeness. Before you know it you’ll discover how much easier it is to live in that sweet spot of writing, doing, and being in charge of your creative life.

Focus & Feedback

I'll help you to focus on your writing and make sure you're moving in the right direction with your project. Depending on what option you choose, I may work with you over a few months to provide feedback and support, and to see that you're progressing with your work and loving the result. Or, I may review your manuscript and give you detailed feedback on next steps. 



Here’s what I imagine for you...
A positive feeling that every day your writing is a gift from the Universe, God, or your Cosmic Cookie Jar.
An acknowledgement that you see progress being made and like what you see—even if it’s only small steps.
A feeling of greater energy and confidence as you see what you're writing and how it reflects you.
finish that project
I'll work with you one-on-one to give you practical tools to complete your writing project, be it a novel, family history, poetry book or memoir.
awaken up
You'll discover that the ideas you had for your story are clearer and that your writing's improving as a result of your focus on it.
feed yourself
You'll feel more, have more energy and be nicer to those around you because your writing is feeding you in a truly soulful way.

What Will You Learn: A Sneak Peak

Develop a Writing Practice

We'll work together to create a plan for your writing with a beginning, middle, and end. Think of it as your road map to newfound bliss and happy dances.

Overcome Resistance

What I’ve learned over many years kicking my inner Goof Meister’s butt. You know, the one who doesn’t want to write because she’s too afraid. Doesn’t think she’s good enough or just plain wants to play hooky and avoid the heavy lifting. I’ll send you worksheets and resources to help identify your personal resistance and some tactics to make you unstoppable. 

Build Your Fort

All writers need a space to call their own. Even if it's the kitchen table at midnight when the kids are asleep or a cafe on a Sunday afternoon. When I was a kid I made my fort out of bed sheets and sofa cushions; brought along a flashlight, the book I was reading, a notebook, teddy bear, doll and of course my well-worn blankie. Here, you’ll learn how to construct your own writing fort, and determine when you get to go there. Then, of course, there’s carving your mental space, which follows a similar process.

Set Priorities

We'll work together to identify the best way for you to keep to a writing schedule, set a vision for what you want, making sure that you factor in the big picture, as well as the small stuff.

Back and Forth

Via Skype and email, we may work together on drafts of your writing, and keep in contact on a regular basis so you maintain creative flow, focus, and see your progress. 

Manuscript Review

At different points of the process, you'll send me your work and I'll review it and send you feedback about plot, character, tone and structure. We'll continue like this until your work's being shaped in a way that feels good to you.

Make Your Writing Time Non-Negotiable

I'll share lessons I’ve learned about setting boundaries for others and yourself. You’ll receive guidance about what’s important so that your writing practice becomes consistent and you actually do show up. 

Meaningful Mentoring

Having a seasoned writer who understands what you're trying to do is so important to you reaching your goals. I'll give you feedback at every step of the way so you continue to see progress and like the results.

Keep it Real

Humour is an important part of creating. Working one-on-one with me will teach you to enjoy the process, laugh (albeit lovingly) at yourself and bust a move with that badass part of you that just wants to play, play, play.


Why would I take this course when I want to finish my book and can probably figure it out for myself?

The number one question is, “If you can figure it out for yourself then why haven’t you done it by now?” I’m a writer too, but I’ve needed loads of help from so many sources—books, my tribe, my mum, life coach, business coach, craniosacral therapist, artists, yoga, meditation, online courses, chocolate, good shoes, hair stylist—to get where I am today. Sometimes getting a little help is just what you need to catapult you to the next level.

Is this course only for writers?

Heck no! Yes, I’m a published author a few times over, but anybody with a story and the will to tell it through writing can take this course. A writing coach can help with short- and long-term planning for your project, time management and productivity, accountability, branding and marketing, and honest feedback.

Is this stuff I already know?

No, unless you’re already rocking it with your writing and feel completely fulfilled and energized each day with your completed writing project. Working with me directly will teach you some things about the writing process that you've never heard before. The top half of your head will metaphorically twist open like the lid of a jam jar and a daring wind of possibility will come rushing in. 

Can I really learn all this by working with a writing coach?

Yes, what I'll teach you is far-reaching and I take you through the steps I’ve learned over my many years writing every day and super-charging the rest of my day with creative aliveness. I'll give you a roadmap to get to where you want to go. From your family history to finishing a poem. Big or small we tackle it all!

What does the Manuscript Assessment consist of?

This is a one-time service whereby you send me a piece of writing and I review and then send you a detailed report about it which looks at plot, narrative, structure, character, originality and voice. Here are the three options for this service:

1) Up to 10,000 words: $300 USD

2) Up to 30,000 words: $600 USD

3) Up to 60,000 words: $800 USD

What is included in the Mentoring option?

I offer three to six-month mentoring programs where you send me up to 10,000 words and I send back detailed notes for improvement. We work on things like plot, character, and structure, really diving in to make your work stronger. Along the way, we'll have Skype calls and emails where we'll dig deep to define your direction, goals for your project, and develop a tailored writing plan and schedule. 

1) Three-month program (30,000 words) $1,500 USD

2) Six-month program (60,000 words): $2,600 USD


Contact me and we'll figure out the best package for your needs.


The photo is of Lissa M. Cowan, Writer, Creator and Storyteller. She stands in an alleyway in front of a brick wall that is painted beige-pink. She smiles and gently clasping her hands. She has brown, shoulder length hair, dark eyes and eyebrows. She wears a metallic 20s style dress with a short-sleeved V-neck covered one third up by tan mesh. She wears long earrings that are geometrically shaped and with a black and white design.

About Lissa

I’m the Inspired Wordsmith, Chief Firestarter and Big Sister behind Write. Create. Repeat., a one-on-one intensive course to help you with your writing project.

I’ve learned the hard way that writing isn’t about waiting for the muse to show up. It’s about you showing up everyday that writes the poem, the memoir, the blog, or the novel. Yet even though deep down I knew I needed to work hard and work consistently, it took years before I put strategies in place to actually get stuff done. 

And procrastination wasn’t my only problem.

I used to beat myself up when I didn’t write. Or I’d take to heart what friends and family said about how there was no money in writing or art in general, and how unproductive creative play was for adults. Even though my heart was crying out to write, the shame I felt related to something so deeply ingrained in who I was, eventually crippled me. And not metaphorically.

I developed an autoimmune disorder, and then had to take a few steps back to reassess why I was on this planet. I quit my high stress communications job in government, went on a writing retreat and began to live and breathe writing. The changes I needed to make in my life for my writing practice to take hold didn’t happen overnight. They took many months and years of dedication. Yet without the tools and understanding about how to write consistently, I would still be sitting at my desk waiting for the muse. 

There are plenty of courses that teach you how to write, but very few give you the tools to actually finish a writing project. 

That’s why I launched Write. Create. Repeat. I want you to complete your incredible project and put it out into the world so others can enjoy it. 


“Lissa has an amazing eye for detail and caught many things during editing that made my story stronger. Her encouragement, ideas and humour allowed me to trust the process, making it a joy to ready my book for publication.”

—Sara Mody, Teacher & Author