This photo is for a writing course called Good to Great for entrepreneurs. It features a woman wearing a large tan sunhat that conceals her face. Long, red hair billows out beneath her hat like flames and is taken up by the wind. She wears a bright aqua top and clutches the rim of her hat with her left hand.

Good to Great

Create a product you can be proud of. You have notes scattered all over your office about a book you want to write. Yet you never seem to find time to do it. You talk to your friends about your big idea and they think it sounds great. Maybe you've even started on it, or are two-thirds in, but you can't seem to get it done.

Did you know that it’s the actual doing that will bring you the happy dances and inner high fives? Yes, it’s scary, and yes there are no guarantees, but your BIG thing is waiting for you to give it some love and discover how wonderful it feels when you get it to the finish line. And if you think that you can just file it away for a rainy day, well, take it from someone who has had lots of big doesn’t happen that way? BIG projects take planning, focus and loads of time and energy. But it is TOTALLY worth it!


This photo shows hands of someone writing at a cafe table. There is an espresso cup to his or her right, and an iPhone to the right of that. In the background is a dark leather computer bag framed by part of a brick wall. The table is made of wide-plank boards.
To realize your dream of seeing this through you need to build the time to work on it into your life.
This photo shows a woman from the knees down, her arms loosely wrapped around her legs. She wears a long red dress or skirt and is seated barefoot on a parquet floor with toenails painted blue. Her laptop computer, smart phone, teapot, a half-eaten apple, teacup, notebook, muffins on a plate and black high-heeled shoes surround her on the floor. She sits by her coffee table that is mostly hidden from view. The table is low, sits on a tan shag rug and is made of rustic wood painted white.
You’re always dreaming about how one day you’ll launch that course, write that book or create that website or blog.
This image is taken from above and shows a group of three young people sitting on a dock or pier. It is summertime and they’ve put their sweaters or coats down to lay on them. One person is lying down, one person is half-sitting and the other is sitting off to the side a few feet away. There is a bag of chips beside the duo and a pair of blue flip-flops.
You go to great lengths to help friends, family, and your community.
This image is of a woman in a city square in the winter. She wears a black ski jacket, large black sunglasses and a pink-red knitted hat with a pom-pom. She smiles and looks at two pigeons that perch on her outstretched arm. One of the pigeons is crouched down eating from her hand. She has a round silver ring on her ring finger, is wearing wine-coloured nail polish and two tattoos; one of a fleur de lis on her middle finger and another tattoo on the side of her hand that read “B.K. love.”
You have so many brilliant ideas floating around in that head of yours that it’s hard to focus on one thing.
This photo shows three people standing in a wheat field or grassy field at sunset, the field illuminating the already yellow grasses. The sky is a deep blue-purple and contrasts the burning yellow of the meadow.
You want to connect with a community or tribe who gets how important it is to live your dreams.
The image shows a woman from the chest down holding a camera, her long, blonde hair down to her waist. Her elbows are bent while her left hand clasps the lens to focus and the other hand is over the top half of the camera on the right side. She wears a denim shirt and black jeans. Her nails are painted red and she wears a small ring on the ring finger of her right hand. She has a leather bracelet on that same hand while on the opposite wrist she wears a red watch.
You know that you have good ideas, but you need a structure to make your dreams come alive.

Seeing big projects through involves careful planning, dedication and courage. It's a daily practice of focusing on what's important to you.


Is that you telling me what’s important to you? Yes, I SEE you lighting up!

Over a period of years, I’ve spent thousands of hours working on my passion with no guarantee that anything would come of it. Many times I’ve asked, "Why the heck am I putting myself through this?" I could just sleep in or go out with my friends. I’m so happy I listened to my heart and kept up with it, as I can’t imagine how small my life would feel had I just given up on my dreams. I will help you develop your own kickass routines to get your big project done and transform your life for the better. You’ll learn to use your passion to propel you forward. And when you come face to face with your own resistance, you’ll have the tools you need to push through. I’m NOT kidding!


Dedicating a room or corner in your home as your space and using a special pen or notebook, are all part of carving out time for yourself and your big dreams.


Like slipping on a pair of jeans, or drinking your morning coffee, you probably don’t think too much about you daily routine. In time you can learn to feel the same about creative output. When you build routines around your big projects, slowly but surely you are rewarded. Being proactive, positive and optimizing the time you have will help you reach your goals. Before you know it you’ll discover how much easier it is to live in that sweet spot of making, doing and being in charge of your life. 


Most of the excuses we give ourselves for not doing what matters most to us are personal rather than related to our environments. Yes, there are kids and spouses and work and friends, yet if we believe we have absolutely no time then our days instantly become filled with places to go and people to see. Kind of like how it goes with a purse: No matter how big your purse is, it’s always full. Learning to focus helps you define for yourself what's most important to you.

Let's imagine shall we...
Each day that you work on your project is a gift from the Universe, God, or your Cosmic Cookie Jar.
An acknowledgement that you see progress being made—even if it’s only small steps.
You feel motivated everyday in all that you do, and your project no longer takes a back seat.
space of your own
Dedicating a space to work on your BIG project is a big part of getting it done. In this course you'll muster the courage to claim some space!
routines rock
It's a simple fact that you have routines because they produce results. We'll get real in this course on how to get into the habit of tackling that to-do list for your big project.
life work
That nagging feeling of wanting to write that book or launch that course or website will continue to haunt you as long as you have the hunger for it. This course will help set you on the path to completing it.


Why would I take this course when I can probably figure it out for myself?

The number one question is, “If you can figure it out for yourself then why haven’t you done it by now?” I’m motivated too, but I’ve needed loads of help from so many sources—books, my tribe, my sister, life coach, business coach, craniosacral therapist, artists, yoga, meditation, online courses, chocolate, good shoes, hair stylist—to get where I am today. Oftentimes getting a little help is just what you need to catapult you to the next level.

Is this course only for writers?

Heck no! Yes, I’m a published author a few times over and if you have a book project gathering dust then I’m your gal, but I’m also an entrepreneur and have run a few businesses. Over several years working as a strategist in government and for international companies, I’ve learned to use these skills to organize, plan and reach goals in other areas of my life. Whether you're a writer or an entrepreneur, or just someone who wants to write a book, I can help you do that.

Is this stuff I already know?

No, unless you’re already rocking your business or big idea and feel completely fulfilled and energized each day with how freaking successful you are. This course will teach you some things about getting stuff done that you've never heard before.

Be aware that you might have a dream where you’re flying and when you wake up and work on your big project, you’ll feel just as giddy as you did in the air. It’s that awesome!

Can I really learn this in an online course?

Yes, the course is far-reaching and I take you through the steps I’ve learned over my many years working and completing big writing-based projects, and fulfilling my heart’s desire. 

Hey, will I actually be able to finish my project during the course?

That will depend in part on you and on how BIG your big project is. I will help you by providing workable steps to get it done, and to develop a habit of finishing awesome stuff you love and want to put into the world. Not bad, eh? 

What do I get? What is the cost? When can I start?
  • Pre-call Good to Great questionnaire related to your vision and goals.
  • Four one-on-one Skype/Google or FaceTime work sessions with me where we carve out a detailed work schedule and keep you moving forward. 
  • The sessions come with an MP3 so you need not waste time trying to remember or jot down every tasty morsel.
  • Personalized worksheets (homework) based on your individual needs. 
  • I’m on call via email to make sure you’re on your way to smokin’ success!

The cost for the course is based on what your project is and what level of guidance you require. We can do one strategy session or organize a few sessions with worksheets, email support, and the whole nine yards. Please contact me to schedule a free consultation to best determine your needs. 


The photo is of Lissa M. Cowan, Writer, Creator and Storyteller. She stands in an alleyway in front of a brick wall that is painted beige-pink. She smiles and gently clasping her hands. She has brown, shoulder length hair, dark eyes and eyebrows. She wears a metallic 20s style dress with a short-sleeved V-neck covered one third up by tan mesh. She wears long earrings that are geometrically shaped and with a black and white design.

About Lissa

I’m the Strategic Storyteller, Chief Firestarter and Big Sister behind Good to Great, a personalized online course to help you complete a big project you’ve been working on or thinking about.

I’ve launched businesses and worked in strategic communications for years helping top organizations get stuff done. I’ve completed and launched my own projects and will help you to write that memoir, develop content for your website or make that business idea happen. I’ve spent years dreaming and in the ‘what if’ stage, before I knew I needed to work hard and work consistently to actually get stuff done. 

And procrastination wasn’t my only problem.

I used to beat myself up when I didn’t work on my projects. Or I’d take to heart what friends and family said about how I was ‘all talk and no action.’ 

I shelved my big idea and became ill, and then had to take a few steps back to reassess why I was on this planet. I quit my lacklustre communications job in government, went on a writing retreat and began to live and breathe my purpose. The changes I needed to make in my life for my dreams to take hold didn’t happen overnight. They took many months and years of dedication. Yet without the tools and understanding about how to get stuff done, I would still be waiting for some free time to work on that project. 

I don’t want you to waste years wondering ‘what if?’ I want you to finish that BIG project and be damn proud you did. 

That’s why I launched Good to Great

“Thank-you SO much Lissa! It was awesome working with you! You were very in tune with what I was trying to say, and I appreciated you taking the time to brainstorm and really get things right, not pushing me to a certain wording or to have it finalized quickly.”

—Gillian Byers, Mindfully Active