A young woman with long brown hair and a beige coat puts a finger to her lips. Her eyes are closed and there are trees with fall colors behind her.

Writing Meditation


For those who are curious about writing meditation and want to try it out, I'm offering my 7 Day Writing Meditation Course completely free. This course will give you an idea of the tremendous benefits of a writing meditation practice. 

The longer 21 Day Writing Meditation Course goes into more depth and explores different themes for each unit that relate to developing a consistent writing meditation practice and how it can enhance your life. 


Through daily sitting, writing, and listening, you'll learn how to deepen your attention and create a space for your writing. Writing meditation can be a powerful way to bring the active mind in closer alignment with the mind of meditation. This course will help you develop tools and insights for overcoming habitual mind states, self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. After about only one week you will feel yourself opening up to others and to your creativity and imagination.

For each lesson, you'll be introduced to one concept or theme that allows you to confront any doubts or judgements about yourself, and to overcome obstacles to happiness and self-awareness. You'll be amazed at how a daily writing meditation practice helps you to know and trust yourself more and become more compassionate toward others.

Through clinical research, James Pennebaker, author of Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions, discovered that writing makes people happier, healthier and less anxious.

All you need for this course is a quiet space, a notebook and a pen. And, of course, a chunk of time to do the exercises. Some exercises only take a few minutes whereas others are longer. 

Dip into the course when you can, schedule time in advance, and just focus on what you can accomplish at that moment. 




I feel like I just took a deep dive into a cool, peaceful river and came out refreshed and centered in the zone. So good! 

Nadine Prada


Once I sat in that feeling and journaled about it, I started feeling a bit more energized. Like I was releasing. Which I love doing. Getting rid of what does not belong to me as well as old belief systems that I have been holding on to. Thank you, Lissa, for giving us the safe space and the opportunity to share.

Sylvie Stevenson


Today, on day fifteen, one quote stood out for me specifically: "My writing meditation is a prayer to my true self, also uniting me with all living beings." It made me think of other meditative "truths". How we all carry the light within us. That the answer is always within us. We just need to listen, to allow the channels to open! Whenever I feel stuck, or at a loss for what to do with a character or scenario, perhaps I will think of this quote and my thoughts surrounding it, allowing my creativity to speak for itself. Now, I feel like I can go back to my novel with clear, and less judging, eyes. 

Alexa Bergstrom


I am on lesson 9 and really taking the class at a slow pace. This lesson really opened my heart and calmed my soul. My favorite so far! I am going to start doing this meditation in the morning, such a great way to start a day. 

Melissa O'Dell


I wrote some great things after this first session. 

Jade Cleveland


I like the idea of letting the first thoughts carry you as far as they do naturally, and then stopping there. 

Katie Gates


A young woman rests the palms of her hands on her cheeks. She has dark hair and you can see the red cuffs of her sweater.
Develop tools and insights for overcoming mind habits.
A closeup of a woman's hand resting on her heart. She's wearing a black bikini top.
Be aware of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.
A bulldog is wrapped in a blanket and you just see his head. He's looking sad.
Confront any doubts or judgements about yourself.
A girl with long light-brown hair tucked into her blue coat and brown knit scarf stands in front of a fir forest, her back to the viewer. The trunks of the trees are very tall and straight. There is an opening like a hallway in the forest right where she is standing. She has a hood on her cotton jacket and her hands that are concealed are in front of her.
Notice how the mind voices eventually fade into the background.
Two hands hold out a bunch of cherry blossoms, white pink in colour. You can see the grey cuff of the jacket the person is wearing.
Trust yourself more and become more compassionate.
A young black woman laughs. The image shows a closeup of her mouth.
Imagine yourself opening up to others and to your imagination.
Let's imagine shall we...
You bring more creativity into each day and see aspects of your life blossoming.
Even when the negative voices come in, you know how to deal with them in a healthy way.
You see the difficulties others face as you practice all forms of compassion.
let flow happen
Write freely without worrying so much about the final result. This practice will help the more structured writing you wish to do down the road.
listen to your wise voice
Through consistent writing, you'll learn to connect more deeply to the wise voice inside you. You'll find it easier to go down your true path.
practice makes practice
The combination of meditation and writing exercises gives you a life-long foundation for a daily writing and meditation practice.


Will the 7 or 21 Day Writing Meditation help me with my writing?

You betcha. Writing consistently over a period of time will get you into the habit of writing and will help improve your writing and voice as a result.

Will this course help with my negative self talk?

Yes. Throughout the course, there are meditations and writing lessons to help you deal with the mind voices. In fact, Lesson 4 deals specifically with this very topic.

What does a typical lesson look like?

Each lesson introduces you to an aspect of writing and meditation that will allow you to go deeper into the process and be enriched by it. These lessons stand alone, yet taken together, they present a clear path to developing a consistent writing-meditation practice.

The first two weeks (or 14 lessons) of the 21 Day Writing Meditation Course include a meditation followed by a writing exercise, while the final week (or seven lessons) integrates the two practices as you begin to discover how both can enliven and enrich the other.

Will this course help me with my writing?

While this course doesn't address structure, plot, character or voice as in a standard writing course, it will help you deepen your awareness of how the senses play a role in writing. To be a writer is to be aware of your surroundings and of what it means to be human. This course isn't a writing course per se, but rather a course to connect you more deeply to the experience of being in the world. An important lesson for any writer! Also, if you do this course every day in conjunction with the meditations, it will help you form a daily habit of writing. This is an important skill to learn for completing writing projects.

What do I get with the 7 or the 21 Day Writing Meditation Course?
  • 7 or 21 guided audio meditations
  • 7 or 21 writing lessons
  • 7 or 21 homework assignments
  • 7 quizzes (for the 7 Day Writing Meditation Course)
  • 1 worksheet (21 Day Writing Meditation Course)
  • Contact information to connect with me at any time with questions via email or on social media


What's the cost for this course?

The course fee is $34 USD for the 21 Day Writing Meditation Course. Enrolment is open now! To give you an idea of this course, I'm offering my 7 Day Writing Meditation Course completely free. You can access that course HERE.


The photo is of Lissa M. Cowan, Writer, Creator and Storyteller. She stands in an alleyway in front of a brick wall that is painted beige-pink. She smiles and gently clasping her hands. She has brown, shoulder length hair, dark eyes and eyebrows. She wears a metallic 20s style dress with a short-sleeved V-neck covered one third up by tan mesh. She wears long earrings that are geometrically shaped and with a black and white design.

About Lissa

I’m the Word Crafter, Meditator and Creator of the 21 Day Writing Meditation, an online course to help you deepen your attention and create a space for your writing

This course will help you develop tools and insights for overcoming habitual mind states, self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. After about only one week you will feel yourself opening up to others and to your creativity and imagination.

There are plenty of writers who want to write but they don't make time for themselves, or they end up on Facebook for too long instead of following their passion.

Through this course, I teach you how to develop a mindful writing practice—and to enjoy the process. 


I enjoyed not letting myself cross a word out or stop to think, I just kept my pen on the paper in continuous motion until I was done. It's interesting where my writing began and ended up. 

Sam Sherman