This is the banner for the Good stories Grow Here Writing Studio.

Experience the joy & craft of writing.

The Good Stories Grow Here Writing Studio offers courses for people to experience the joy of writing, whether that’s copy for a website, a short story, memoir or novel, to write consistently and be more present in their (writing) lives.


My courses make use of “somatic-based” writing techniques. This term refers to expressing yourself creatively by way of the body instead of solely through the head. It means allowing the body to lead your writing process and trusting that process as you feel into your emotions, intuition, and physical sensations.


Writing from the body is an intuitive, metaphoric, and holistic experience that can take us to unforeseen places both creatively and personally. In our society, we’re so results-focused. Yet when we go through the process of uncovering our stories by way of the body, we realize that the journey is as important as the destination. And the quality of that journey informs and enriches the end result.


Words and language initially evolved from our physical sensations, experiences, and our feelings. Somatic-based writing takes them back there, giving them and our stories the power to heal and transform us, and to deepen our writing.


Somatic writing gives you a way of writing and being in the world that strives for wholeness and presence, bringing immediacy and liveliness to your writing and your life.


Artwork by Stephanie Hill.